Winter gentle curly hair style

A hairstyle can change your face shape, change your temperament, make you more beautiful, so what do you do with curly hair in winter? The gentle curly hair style is very beautiful and very suitable.

Middle bangs curly hair

In the cold winter, the gentle curly hair style is preferred. The long curly hair is casually placed on the shoulders. It makes people look super feminine and beautiful. With the bangs in the middle, it can be used to modify the face shape. It looks like Very thin face, and then dye a natural hair color, the skin color also increases the fashion sense of hair.

curly hair

A hair style can change your temperament. These two gentle curly hair styles are like this. The warm hair color is very white and the temperament is also improved. It is decorated with messy and fluffy curls. Down, it’s really beautiful, and with the bangs design, you can perfectly modify your little face.

The big wave of curly hair is also the favorite of many sisters. It looks really nice and fashionable. It is dyed with milk tea color. It gives people a first impression that is very gentle and general. The face-shaped fat girl can choose the bangs in the middle, which can easily cover the visual sense of your half face, and the face is small.

curly hair

The slight curvature of the curly hair is very popular this year. The curly hair design that is only made at the end of the hair looks really good. With the bangs in the middle, it can achieve a small face effect. For a girl who is not satisfied with her face, You can choose such a curly hair with a bang in the middle, and cover your face with big defects, super nice.

Airy curly hair

Light and fluffy airy curls, it looks so beautiful from the back, so the messy feeling, super nice curly hair design, so casually hang down, no need to make other modifications, such curls look so good The girl who wants to change her hair in the new year can refer to these two models.
curly hair

Small corn hot curly hair, will make your hair increase, but also become a lot of fluffy, suitable for hair curls made by little girls, it is also beautiful to fall down, with the airy bangs, you can modify your round face, It is also very age-reducing, with a high-necked sweater, and a small visual effect.

curly hair

Many sisters feel that curling will become old. In fact, you have not chosen the bangs, the big wave of curly hair, and the bangs with airiness, there will be a younger age effect, so that you look cute and very sweet. In winter, I choose such a gentle curly hair concave shape, which is very beautiful.

No bangs curly hair

This kind of curly hair that gives people a warm feeling is no longer suitable. It is a natural milk tea color dyeing. This kind of hair color is super beautiful under the sunlight, and of course it is slim for the face-shaped fat girl, then it can be matched with one. The top hat of the stylish hat can also make your face thinner.

curly hair

Under the sunlight, this hair dye is really beautiful, and the skin color is very white. The curling hairstyle is also very popular this year. Plus, it is a design without bangs, which perfectly reveals your perfect face. You look beautiful and feminine, and the choice of curly hair in winter is no better.

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