Wig bangs let you have a new look

I want to change my hair and don’t want to cut off my hair that has been working hard for a long time. The best way is of course to buy a wig that suits you! The use of fake seizures has become a beautiful step in the daily life of many JMS!

Including the full-top wigs and hair clips that can increase the amount of hair, fake bangs, etc., all of which make Ai Xiu’s young JMS rushing. In these wigs, Liu Haifa is the most simple and quick way to change the shape! Now, let’s follow the poster compilation to see how the stylist uses the bangs wig to change all kinds of sweet and simple bangs!

Full-top BOB short wig bangs, vintage sweetheart

Choosing a hair-like wig bangs that looks more natural, the effect is like a real cut short hair, plus a bow tie, retro and cute, it is recommended to slightly scratch the hair, the lines will be more natural.

The popular BOB short wig can make long hair MM not need to cut the beloved hair, but also try short hair style. As long as you choose a hairline that is not too high in transparency and a matte finish, it will have a natural effect.

wig bangs

Step1:The hair is roughly divided into three parts from top to bottom, and is braided separately for easy fixation.

Step2:Twist the braid into small hairpins and fix them in the upper, middle and lower blocks with black clips to distribute the hair evenly.

Step3:After wearing the wig bangs, use a small black clip to clamp the wig and the real hair on both sides of the ear.

Step4:When the wig is opened, the mesh piece of the wig can be seen, and the small black clip is fixed on the real hair on the upper and lower sides of the back of the head.

Romantic oblique wig bangs, fashion pony tail

The use of diagonal clips to make the long straight hair ponytail can also modify the face.

When the long straight hair is tied to the ponytail, if you think your forehead is too high, you can also use the hair piece to help, and the effect of the oblique bangs on the side can not only modify the face shape, but also make the simple ponytail more stylish. In addition, if you have cut the whole row of thick dolls, Liu Hai wants to stay longer, you can also use the wig bangs to make the process of staying long. The stylist suggested that Liu Haifa can also go to the salon to ask the designer to help trim the hairstyle that suits her.

wig bangs

Step1:After the hair is divided, a thin bundle of hair is reserved on the dividing line, and the hair strands are tied into a high horsetail.

Step2:The clip of the root of the hair piece is fixed on the hair side line and fixed with a small black clip.

Step3:Cover the fixings of the hair piece with the reserved hair and fix it slightly with a small black clip.

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