Wig Bangs Hairstyle Steps

What is the procedure for bangs hair style? Very girls like to ride bangs Hairstyles, but the summer is very hot, how can bangs style be refreshed and sweet?

Bangs Hairstyle Steps to Make Sweet Cute Girl Paper


1. Grab a small amount of hair from the right side of the head.

2, divided into several parts to start tying.

3. Continue to arrange in the order shown above.

4, until the left ear lobe is programmed to hold the last one with a hairpin.


1. Grab the two hairs in the same direction and twist them until they are loose. The first step is completed.

2. Circle the two twisted hair circles.

3, then merge the two circles together, take the tail and take it with both hands, don’t break it.

4, put the two hair ends together, continue along the middle of the two circles, and finally fixed with a hairpin.


1. Make the hair on the top of the head eight or two.

2. Combing the eight-pointed hair to one side and make a twist.

3. Finally, use the hairpin to fix it in the hair at the end of the twist.

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