What to do during the bangs period

When staying in Liuhai, it is inevitable that you will encounter the bangs period, not only not good-looking but also very hot. So, how should we solve this problem at this time?

Half bark head

For those who stayed in the bangs for a long time, the half-baked meatballs used to belong to our home hair style.

It is a great thing to be able to go out on the street now, but not everyone is suitable for the half-baked meatballs that expose the brain. If the brain is really wide, then you should leave a layer of bangs like Dakota and tie it up again.


The same is a half-baked ball head, a small brain, you can comb all the bangs, and put the meat on the top of the head. However, it should be noted that the hair on both sides should not be caught too much, and the face shape can be modified.

Side comb bangs


Using hairpins is the most convenient way, but how to don’t make hairpins will not become aunts, but also requires certain skills. After blowing the bangs with a hair dryer, use hair clips to separate the bangs from some of the hair, not all of them. In order to have a natural fluffy feeling.

Princess bangs


Liu Hai can also be used to tie out the sense of style. The long bangs, separated from the middle, are tied together behind the head, the focus is to catch the hair on the top of the head. Don’t let the top of your head collapse, in order to make your head look not wide.

Editing bangs


When Liu Hai is too long, the hair is separated from the side by a ratio of 8:2, and then braided into a scorpion scorpion. After being compiled and grasped, it will not appear to be abrupt.

Camouflage without bangs


For long hair, you will braid your hair into a bun and put it on top of your head. The bangs will be pressed with a bun and disguised as a haircut without bangs.

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