The latest popular hair dye color summary

What color is best for the summer of 2018? Now the most popular is the tide hair dye, what are the popular hair color this year? Orange, pink, green, blue… Which color is your dish? The latest popular hair color summary, come and pick one.


hair dye

In 2018, the first color will probably be the first to push the orange color. The warm orange color gives people a feeling of warmth and is very foreign. It is super nice with matching makeup. The effect of using orange color is super white, but it is too bright. The orange-colored yellow-skinned girl is also unsuitable. If you really want to try it, try a lighter orange color. It is also very gentle with long hair.

If the short-haired girl is dyed in orange, try orange-pink. Orange-pink is slightly lighter than warm orange. It looks more refreshing, but because the color itself is already eye-catching, the whole is still very powerful, short hair wave head dyeing. It is orange, and it’s super-eyes in the summer, and the combination of red items is stealing!


hair dye

This year, the pink hair that the hipsters like very much, mixed with other berry colors, reveals the sweetness of the berry version. The candy color is more girly, and it is also very age-reducing hair dye, but pink hair has a common problem, that is, non-white skin. Can not control, the skin yellow sister may really only look at it, the light pink and dark pink composition of the gradual dyeing effect is super white.

The girl’s short hair is short, and it’s a pinkish color. The pink is perfect for girls from the teens to the twenties. It’s young and energetic. It’s more attractive with sweetness. It’s also a little golden in the tail. Soaring, a little bit of the outer curling perm design is cute and loli, very chic style of a hairstyle, Korean flavor, second change fashion lady.

Smoky blue

hair dye

The same hot blue hair in the Polaris hair dye, revealing the mysterious smog blue, making the blue low-key, like the color of the dark night sky, increasing the handsome sense and personality index, but also super white, this Hair color is not very eye-catching in indoor light, but it is not necessarily outdoor, and it is full of long curly hair.

The short hair lady is also very good at dyeing this hair color. It is very shiny outside. The deep blue is like the color of the deep sea. It is calm and mysterious. It is more natural with the combination of short hair and red lips and blue hair. Eye-catching is more eye-catching.

The smoky blue is also a kind of light hair color. When the hair is piled up, the color looks a little deeper, but if it is scattered, the color is very light, because the hair dye is light, and even a little grayish effect, so There may be a problem in daily hair dyeing, that is, it is easy to become old. After losing the color word, it may gradually resemble the grandmother’s ash. If you want to dye this hair color, it is best to consider it in advance.

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