Summer long hair how to tie a refreshing hairstyle

How to tie long hair in summer, is it refreshing and sweet? This is the voice of most girls. In the summer of such annoyance, you need a refreshing and simple hairstyle to create a cool feeling. Here are five cool and stylish hair styles, and the long-haired girls have to look over.

Summer refreshing hairstyle how to tie one: twist hair style

refreshing hairstyle

The idyllic twisted hairstyle is one of the simple hairstyles that go out in the summer, especially with a hat on the side, which is very fresh and versatile.

Summer refreshing hairstyle how to tie two: ball hair type

refreshing hairstyle

The cute ball-shaped hair type, this summer, a few refreshing strikes, tied up the dew hair, full of pretty little face, with casual dress, full of cute feeling.

Summer refreshing hairstyle how to tie three: Korean style hair

refreshing hairstyle

The delicate and very feminine Korean style is also the first choice for long-haired girls in the summer. The pretty hair, the micro-volume Qi Liuhai, shows the perfect outline.

Summer refreshing hairstyle how to tie four: Princess hair

refreshing hairstyle

The beauty of the princess hair, with a beautiful headband is more beautiful, flat bangs modified melon face more fresh and moving, with a splicing dead long skirt, beautiful turned.

Summer refreshing hairstyle how to tie five: retro hair

refreshing hairstyle

Using the exquisite retro feel of the braided hair, the hair style of the refreshing dew is set up, the degree of good feeling is multiplied, the elegant makeup is made, and the good looks are highlighted.

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