Stylish and popular hair dye

What color is popular in 2018? The most popular hair color in 2018 should be the hair color of Miss Polaris, and the Polaris hair color is understood!

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Polaris hair color is a mixed color highlighting hair dye, there are rainbow colors, rainbow colors, etc., many colors are mixed together but maintain their original characteristics, echoing feeling!

The most fashionable hair dye in 2018

This year is the color of the special popular Polaris Miss Sister, the classic dark green color, which is especially vivid under the strong light, and there is a little blue in the dark green, which gives off a mysterious feeling, but this color It’s really picky. The average person can’t really stand it. Now people don’t mind green hair extensions uk. If you want to live a good life, your head must be a bit green!

hair dye

A lot of colors are not well colored, such as pink, white, banana yellow, yellow, etc. These must be more than 10 degrees to be able to color, so this should be noted when choosing!
Generally colored color

Is there a rest in medium-colored colors? Turquoise, lava, brown red, enchanting blue, crow black and other colors are medium-quality, blue, if the bleaching is not enough, it is easy to go wrong, turn green!

hair dye

Midnight blue, love green, hot spicy powder, brilliant red, fog purple, rock red, etc. are all good colors, so when choosing, it is best to choose and color from simple, so that the color is presented. The feeling is also very agreeable not easy to awkward!

This kind of rendered hair dye is generally easy to fade, so the color will drop a little after each shampooing. Generally speaking, the time is maintained between one month and two months. The Polaris looks good.

hair dye

But the time of maintenance is really not long, so be sure to know when you choose! Usually I have to take good care of myself, and my care should be done well, so that the hair color is maintained for a long time.

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