Sports hairstyles are both stylish and practical

Ten kinds of sports hairstyles are both fashionable and practical. The trend of sports fashion is not increasing, and more and more girls are making good habits of sports. In addition to paying attention to the equipment, the hairstyle can of course not be sloppy.

When you exercise, it is the most common to have a ponytail or a baotou. But you are also troubled, how to tie the hair, the horsetail is more and more loose, the bangs must be stuck to the eyes. Mouth, even the end of the hair back to the house are all knotted!


This suggestion can be tied to the scorpion, or the black scorpion that is woven on both sides of the scalp, it will be very refreshing and not afraid of running and swinging. The wide version or the thin hair band is also a good prop, both styling and practical, so that the bangs or fine hair extensions will not fall into the eyes, and prevent sweat from flowing directly from the hair to the eyes and cheeks.

Ten sports hairstyles are both stylish and practical

1. High horsetail. Choose a simple and non-slip hair ring to avoid disturbing yourself or loosening during exercise. If you are not worried about the tie, use two hair bands.

2. Bag head. For people with low hair volume, too much hair tied to the head will only make the head heavier and not easy to fix. Similarly, if you want to make the Baotou stable, first use a hair ring to tie into a ponytail, then use a second to wrap into a bag head, plus a few small black clips will be no problem.


3. Double strips. The long hair in the shoulders, if you are long or short, but will stick to your neck, it is better to tie two scorpions.

4. Hairtail scorpion. It can be rolled into two strands or three strands, mainly to avoid the tail licking, to stick to the body, and to stick to the home.

5. Multi-section hair ends. It doesn’t matter if you don’t tie the scorpion. Prepare 4~5 small hair bands and turn the hair ends into one section, which is as effective as the scorpion.

6. Side braiding. The scalp on both sides is tied into a black cockroach that is both refreshing and beautiful. You don’t have to worry about the small hair on your cheeks when you are running. It may also eat your hair when the wind is strong.

7. All the dishes. Dice can be a bit difficult, but elegant and generous, handy girls can try.

8. Wide version of the hair band. Pull the hair band forward to cover the hairline and half of the ear. The top of the head is a little fluffy and it will look good. Don’t push the hair band too far back, showing too much forehead and hairline will be like taking a shower.

9. Thin strips. First tie the hair, the same amount of hair on the top of the head, and then wear the hair band will look better.

10. Multiple hair bands and mix and match. The hair band is a practical accessory and a fashion accessory. The sporty hippie style of multiple mix and match has always been very popular. The secret is of course a bit of a mess, too neatly arranged.

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