Recommend some of the most popular hairstyles

A dark brown hair dyed hair style, after adding bright yellow, is more eye-catching, the natural sense of the design, revealing the forehead is more refreshing and confident, showing full femininity, super suitable for light mature women.

The long straight hair of the micro-roll is also a good choice for summer. The fresh straight hair is only in the hair, and the baseball cap is full of tidal feeling. The girl who likes the Korean style should like this hairstyle.

A shawl hair style, a medium-sized curly hair with a visor is very practical in the summer, fluffy medium long hair perm sweet and beautiful, and a charming face.

What are the popular hairstyles

Simple Korean short hair style, short neck hair style similar to the student’s head, sweet age, air bangs and deep maroon hair color is sweet and fresh, round face girl looks even more cute.

A wave-head short hair style, natural black hair color highlights the fresh temperament, partial design and repair age, highlighting the fresh temperament.

The refreshing and sweet meat of the ball is also a must-have for girls. It is a retro roll of bangs with long hair. It is stylish and cute with high-tasting, and short girls can’t miss it.

Korean style long straight hair style, gold brown hair color color fashion white, it shows the girl’s cute temperament, for the 90, 95 young MM, very resistant.

 hair style

The fresh bangs style, the bangs in the girl’s hairstyles is an important part of the influence of the face value, such a flat bangs shape, the middle part of the bangs a little more, the fresh straight hair is as airy, shaping the lovely loli temperament.

A slightly thick short hair style, short bangs and neat haircuts are the ultimate love of this year’s fashion hipsters, plus a little perm design is a small face age.

The fresh air bangs style, the thin bangs with the cute facial features of the girls, give a very fresh and pure feeling, the students and sisters are super fit!

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