Recommend several new hair dyes

Hair color is a very important role for personal temperament and overall shape.

The conventional color has been used for a long time, and I feel dull, my grandmother, gray peach, etc., too much to worry about not being suitable for myself?

hair dye

Hair coloring is one of the most common means of modern makeup. It uses the plant’s (such as avocado, nail grass, Polygonum, etc.) or chemical pigments to dye the color of the hair into the desired color. It is one of the most common services in modern barber shops.

Peach powder and warm apricot hair dye

hair dye

Both are cute hair color that brings warmth to the spring, and are as friendly to the yellow skin. Even short hair has an unstoppable charm. Golden hair color + natural pink gradient, also very nice.

Starry silver and grandma gray hair dye

hair dye

These two smoky gray hairs have been popular for a long time, but there are still a few people who have actually tried. If you are worried that the whole head is dyed in silvery gray, it is difficult to accept it. You can consider highlighting, gradual color or mixed blue-violet tone, no matter how long hair is short!

Rainbow hair dye

hair dye

The traditional rainbow color is not easy to control, you can try the hidden rainbow or single tone gradient and macaron gradient. Hair color will vary with different braiding methods.

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