Nursing wigs start from these points

The wig has become an indispensable hairstyle in life. Since the invention of Louis XIII, the wig has been used by people. It began as a herder on the farm to block the strong sunlight, and then gradually evolved into the folk, the wig that is popular with our Chinese. Most of them are Korean wigs, realistic styles, and high-end styles are popular among friends.

We believe that although Korean fashion wigs have many exquisite and unique effects in effect, we still need to pay attention to distinguishing occasions and their own characteristics to purchase wigs.

How to care for Nursing wigs

For this reason, our suggestion is to choose the matching degree according to your face type. Higher hairstyle. Formal professional wigs are based on your face and head shape, which is a great way to increase comfort and fidelity, and the nursing wigs are unique.

Many people with wigs will dry directly in the sun after nursing wigs. This will cause the hair to curl and the texture will be odorous and easy to fall off, which will affect the life of the wig.

Also, don’t spray gel water on your wig, this will affect the overall image of the senses, because the gel water will appear a lot of white matter looks like dandruff, so try not to choose hair spray. Although a good wig can be dyed, the wig is usually prepared by a human hair.

nursing wigs

Infestations of dyeing for a long time will also deteriorate. Many friends buy a wig to facilitate dyeing, because they know that hair dye contains carcinogens, long-term adhesion to the hair body will cause cancer and other symptoms, in order to avoid hair dye contact with the skin, so choose a wig for hair dyeing, It can be seen from the side that the fidelity of the wig is very perfect, so it is not possible to use a wig to dye the hair with a wig.

But this has happened a little. Although the wig is made with real human hair, the water is also very small, and the dyeing hair will cause the hair to fall off, dry and break. This greatly damages the structure and beauty of the hair body. So try to dye hair as much as possible.

Nowadays, the nursing wigs on the market are not only diverse in style, but also colorful in color. There are all kinds of colors in blue, yellow, brown, black, etc. It is easy to choose a variety of different colors.

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