Nursing oil hair troubles

Air bangs is the explosion of bangs in recent years. Although it can be sweet and cute, there are two fatal shortcomings in air bangs. One is easy to oil, and the other is easy to deform. Then, how about air bangs easy to oil? How to keep the air bangs not falling?

How to make hair easy to oil

oil hair

Although the air bangs is good-looking, it is also because it is very thin. It is particularly easy to oil hair. The hair that is washed before it is immediately oily. For this situation, you can take a dry-cleaning spray at home. The day of the bangs oil is sprayed on the hair. It can be used as a first aid without washing your hair. It can be kept for a whole day.

oil hair

Although the loose powder is a fixed makeup powder, it can absorb the excess oil hair on the face and reduce the facial shine. It can completely adjust the skin tone, make the makeup last longer, smooth and delicate, and prevent makeup loss. At the same time, it can also refresh the bangs of oil and oil. Evenly shot on the greasy Liuhai, it will immediately show the effect.

oil hair

If you feel that the cost of dry-cleaning spray and loose powder is somewhat high, you can use baby talcum powder to relieve oil hair. Tap the talcum powder onto your hair, evenly, and use your comb to finish your hair, and the hair will become fresh and fluffy.

If the hair is really oily, you can add some baking soda to clean the bangs in the water. You don’t need shampoo. This method of shampooing is very convenient and effective.

It’s a bad habit to touch the bangs with your hand. This will make the bangs become very greasy without knowing it. If you don’t want the bangs to get tired on your head, please don’t touch the bangs.

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