Nursing for hair misunderstanding

Every sister wants a beautiful hair, so the hair care work must be done well. Here are some misunderstandings about hair care.

I have heard that the hair is the second face of a woman. It can be seen how important hair is to women. Every woman wants to have a black and shiny hair.

Healthy hair is inseparable from the usual daily care. Don’t underestimate the little thing of nursing hair. In fact, it is also a university question. You should learn how to ursing for your hair properly. Don’t walk into nursing. Misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding 1. Resolutely not use a hair dryer


Many women think that the hair dryer will damage the hair. On the contrary, in the humid weather, the hair dryer can solve the hair of the hair. The hair dryer can not only close the scales in time, but also keep the moisture of the hair. When blowing the hair, you should choose the low-end wind and temperature, and pay attention to the hair and hair to maintain a certain distance, can not stay in a certain place For a long time, avoid the temperature is too high, and cause damage to the hair.

If necessary, you can use the French armor to dry the hair, which can reduce the hairiness of the hair. It should be blown vertically from the hair root to the hair tail. After each part is dried, gradually lay down until the hair is completely dry. Pass through.

Misunderstanding 2, rush to wash off the hair care

Many women know that to use nursing hair after washing their hair, this can protect the hair. However, in order to catch up with the time, some women rushed to wash away in less than a minute after the compound milk was broadcast, so that the full-filled hair lotion was not completely absorbed and utilized.

In fact, recurring products should be kept on the hair for at least three minutes to nourish the hair. The hair conditioner with hair mask effect is used twice a week, wrapped with a hot towel after application, at least Rinse off after five minutes to get the best nourishment.

Misunderstanding 3, modeling products detour


Many women think that the hair has collapsed and there is no shape, so don’t wipe anything with your hair. In fact, even if you don’t like to touch the styling products, in order to resist the moisture, you still need to wipe some styling products to add nutrients to the hair.

The fluffy effect of the styling products can not only fix the roots of the hair extensions, but also create a fluffy air feeling. Many branded products have introduced a fluffy powder that makes it fluffy. This fluffy powder is best used in the wet season.

Fifth, reduce the frequency of shampoo


Some women have hair frizzes because of too much moisture, so they simply reduce the number of shampoos, thinking that this can reduce the loss of nutrients. In fact, this is not the case. The greater the humidity of the air, the more you should wash your hair frequently and wash your hair.

It not only keeps the scalp healthy, but also ensures the cleanness of the hair and maintains the hairiness of the hair roots. Washing your hair on time every day ensures that the hair follicles are not blocked by grease.

Warm reminder, our hair needs to be carefully cared for. In normal times, we must start from the small details of care, we must learn the correct way to make the hair better, then the hair is getting healthier and the hair style will be more The more beautiful we look, the more beautiful we will be.

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