Lazy temperament short hair fashion release

The short hair of girls’ hair styles has risen to half the sky. In recent years, short hair is very popular among girls, and many girls have cut short hair. What short hair style is more suitable?

Medium short hair

short hair

The medium-distribution type can be said to be very temperamental, and with any hairstyle, it can create the beauty of temperament and gas field. For this micro-volume short hair, the hair creates an outer arc to create a light and familiar flavor. The fluffy C-shaped volume makes the short hair more ethereal and beautiful, and the long bangs create a mysterious charm of the small V face.

Short hair

short hair

It is also a short hair in the middle, because the hair temperament will change greatly. For women who like sweet Korean style, this short hair style is worth trying. You don’t need to take care of it every day. You can bend the hair on both sides slightly, or roll out on one side of the side. The asymmetry is beautiful, it is very thin face.

Short bangs short hair

short hair

If the air bangs is a must-have item for cute cute sister paper, then the short bangs of the second yuan style must be the exclusive model of the personality tidal paper. The bangs on the eyebrows are more three-dimensional and exquisite, with a natural black short hair and a slightly curled hair. The delicate face is full, and the absolute age is small.

Neutral short hair

short hair

A lot of fashion lady’s favorite ultra-short hair style, with a handsome boy style, but also a little girl’s clever temperament. The hair is cut and the hair on both sides of the ear is smashed to the back of the ear. It is very suitable for the late summer and early autumn. It is a clean, refreshing and short hair style.

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