how to choose the color of hair dye

Different hairstyles give people a completely different feeling, but the same hair of different colors with different colors gives the impression that it is completely different. What are the colors of hair dyes? Want to know what color you are suitable for? What kind of hair color can make you more beautiful and charming, just look at your own society and what kind of hair color.

White skin with chestnut-colored hair dye, very nice, this color is more white, and the design of the curly hair, especially suitable for the current girls, both cute and charming.

The color of the grandmother’s ash is very feminine and sexy. The long curly hair of linen ash is particularly temperament, and the face is small and the skin is whiter.

How to choose the color of hair dye that suits you

hair dye

For the skin is more white, the face is the person who is partial to the face of the melon, the suitable hair color is dark gray series and the hair is relatively straight, so that your appearance is clearer, more pure and neat, and the lines are more distinct. Plus a soft, natural nude makeup can add extra points.

hair dye

For the skin is yellow, the face is the face of the melon seeds, the suitable hair dye is the linen series and the hair is relatively straight, the yellow skin color will look black if it is matched with the dark gray, and the warm red series will show the green skin. It’s not very suitable.

Only the linen series is close to the skin color, which can neutralize the lack of skin color, so it will be very plump and contoured. Makeup recommendation: light and translucent young makeup.

hair dye

The color of the coffee color is suitable for the crowd: students, white-collar workers, teachers, ordinary staff, bank staff, senior executives, etc. Color hair is suitable for the crowd: fashion practitioners, models, photographers, etc.

Wisdom Beauty: It is suitable for the wine red, feminine and feminine wine red. It is especially suitable for women who are active and have the courage to try new things and changes. Regardless of the style of the dress, with the burgundy hair, they can show their rich and wonderful personality and life.

hair dye

Personality beauty: suitable for dynamic shallow chestnut hobby freedom, longing for you, need to ease the heavy and serious feeling brought by black. I suggest you try the light maroon, it can add a dynamic to your curly hair, giving your long hair a light, natural glow.

Fashion Beauty: Charm Blush The stylish and individual woman, energetic, free and easy, free and easy, is undoubtedly the most suitable for fashion and full of charm. Crimson not only allows you to find a balance between tough modernity and soft femininity, but also aptly emphasizes bright eyes.

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