Fresh and long hair straight hair style

The air bangs are more natural, and a dark brown hair dye makes the styling more stylish, and the simple medium-length straight hair shawl is fresh and sweet.

Pure and must-have medium and long hair straight hair style

The light-female woman loves the long straight hair style, and the refreshing dew hair style design is not uncomfortable with the supple medium-length straight hair and adds a sense of fashion. Elegant and temperament.

The long straight hair style of the shawl reveals a beautiful linen color under the light, and the temperament of the distribution silk fits the cheeks perfectly, and the cute and cute.

straight hair

The nine-distribution type can change the problem of insufficient face shape, which will also have a good eye-lifting effect. The medium-long straight hair with a temperament is simple and fresh and very sweet.

A medium-length, straight-haired hairstyle with a fresh, sleek, medium-length straight hair that blends with the sleek look to create a fresh campus atmosphere.

The crisp and simple mid-length straight hair style, the tail trimming neatly embellished a little little heart machine design is also good, with the air bangs the entire style full score.

straight hair

The combination of the strap and the medium-length straight hair is the most literary, so it is favored by many students and sisters. With the delicate goose egg face, it really can’t be temperament.

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