September 2018

Stylish and popular hair dye

What color is popular in 2018? The most popular hair color in 2018 should be the hair color of Miss Polaris, and the Polaris hair color is understood! Polaris hair […]

2018 fashion short hair style

What hairstyles are popular in 2018? The selection of girls’ hair styles can greatly increase the value of the face and add a lot to the charm. In recent years, […]

Nursing oil hair troubles

Air bangs is the explosion of bangs in recent years. Although it can be sweet and cute, there are two fatal shortcomings in air bangs. One is easy to oil, […]

Sexy glamorous big wavy curly hair

The reason why the beautiful big wavy curls are so popular with girls is not only because of its temperament and fascination, but also because of its layered style, it […]

Several brides hair styling

The 18-year-old New Year’s bell is about to ring. Coincidentally, the Valentine’s Day of the Year of the Dog is closely linked to the Spring Festival. I believe many couples […]

Girls fashion short hair style

The girl with short hair control hastened to take a look. Here are a few short hair designs for everyone, and the fashion is temperament. Hurry and pick one. Girls […]

How to control oily hair

People with oily hair are often troubled by oil heads, and the hair is greasy and greasy when not washed a day, which greatly affects the appearance. What is the […]